Tammy Taylor

No More Food Cravings / Less Joint Pain
Name: Tammy
What have you gotten out of the 30 Day Challenge?I generally feel better. I have fewer headaches, am more alert, and my brow line feels lighter.
How has your wellness journey impacted your loved ones?My boyfriend Paul is making better choices. He's conscious of the Avoid List and has been grocery shopping accordingly and making fantastic date dinners of wild-caught fish and veggies on the grill and buying green apples. He's also been following the avoid list and I feel incredibly supported by his actions.
Have your food cravings diminished?I have not had cravings. This is huge. I was a full-on sugar-bug! And now I'm not! Even chocolate has lost its gravitational pull!
Tell us a little bit about your coach.I feel super supported by Amber. She calls me and texts me, checks in on me and offers great tips and having her on my team definitely made transitioning to clean eating really easy.
Have you experienced weight loss with the challenge?I've lost 5 pounds and my clothes are more comfortable. My co-worker said she could see that I've lost weight.
Have you experienced changes in your skin?My co-worker said my skin looks great. I have less back-acne. This was unexpected and very, very much appreciated.
Has the challenge helped your mental state (ie. improved focus, feeling more alert, happier)I'm thinking faster at work. I don't have to think so hard and that sounds weird, but really, the effort it takes for me to concentrate is actually less. I'm answering questions faster, coming to conclusions more quickly and feel "On" most of the time. The mid-day droops are simply not there and I'm full of energy even after I get home from work.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with the 30 day challenge.

I love the 30 day challenge and I plan to continue to to it along with rounds of the 85/15 plan. I do miss fruit and would like to add those into my shakes once or twice a week. I'm going to stick with avoiding dairy and beef, getting sushi with brown rice, but I may eat dinner more often during the week when Paul is home. And a cheat meal? Whoa! Not that big of a deal, really! It's so cool how I'm not craving sweets and I really like that a lot. The thought of feeling pain or fatigue or getting a headache as the result of eating a cheat meal is more than enough motivation for me to stick with the program. I love how I feel!

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