Renee Wolf

Less Tired, No Joint Pain, No Chest Pain
Name:Renee Wolf
What have you gotten out of the 30 Day Challenge?Lost weight, felt better, less tired, took away joint pain, chest pain, lack of energy, acid reflux, insomnia.
How has your wellness journey impacted your loved ones?They are more aware of healthy eating habits.
Have your food cravings diminished?They have pretty much stopped needing coffee but I'm totally addicted to fizz sticks. Don't need junk food or sugar, but dark chocolate need is still there.
Tell us a little bit about your coachShe keeps me disciplined.
Have you experienced weight loss with the challenge?My weight loss was not dramatic because I didn't have that much to lose in the first place. However, it did improve my health, and made me feel so much better.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with the 30 day challenge.

Easy to follow. Love the fizz sticks. Addicted to those even when 30 day habits are completely thrown out the window. Arbonne in general - love the lack of unhealthy additives in the products and the medical research behind the ingredient list

How was it being apart of the private Facebook group?

I loved the FB group. Very informative, encouraging, supportive. Delicious recipes and great food ideas. Like the maintenance group the best because its very healthy and a little less restrictive.